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The cover of “Fashion COSMO” magazine

September 5th, pepper live official platform announced there will be twelve star-studded pepper anchor topped the “Fashion COSMO” the cover of the October issue, which is the first time female anchor to send fashion magazines tip, thereby triggering hot friends . 6 pepper officially released the 12 anchor live video, showing anchors usually live in the light.

Video, high value dancer Yan “Yan Baby” a big show of English skills; funny than Little Prince “turtle king”, bring you joy, while positioning itself more clearly; “Cheshire Cat” in their own deep Funny Lolita wind attracted numerous fans; young magician “weekend” live on the road creating a miracle … but these once distinct ordinary young man on pepper live platform has become the high popularity of the “rising stars” .

12 anchor of confidence and charm, it is thousands pepper pepper anchor realistic microcosm of who they all have one thing in common: the courage to really show me directly, do not fear. The pepper live open and inclusive property is reflected in this: no matter who you are, pepper can provide you with the platform, which is truly authentic, confident, charming self.

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