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You are far from fashion without a popular bag

On behalf of the urban fashion consumer attitudes. Currently, “lantra” already has a loyal consumer base. The company has a strong brand culture, has many years of international brand management experience and marketing experience in operations throughout the country has built wide sales network and a stable and efficient logistics management, professional capacity and professional marketing team and rich management experience to all sectors of the industry counterparts widely recognized. With major B2C mall site in the way of the e-mall has a close cooperation.

The company operating the “” brand, reflecting its “focus will be successful,” the essence of the brand, in recent years, dramatic changes in the market, company executives through in-depth market research, since the launch of the new situation, a new model of terminal Franchise Scheme; To further optimize marketing resources and sales networks, to achieve a higher level of brand benefit, within and outside the company have carried out a re-scheduling and integration; it advantage in the market is more prominent, and achieved fruitful results in the market, has become the same type of pattern brand leader.

The full import of birds “brand strategy” is committed to long-term development of the brand, trying to build a world famous brand in China. While maintaining the original quality and technological superiority on the basis of not only setting professional development and design center, a comprehensive development of fashionable products, systems planning and marketing channels, to create efficient marketing team, the market for the brand to achieve full coverage and lay a solid basis.

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