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Handsome wedding planner ever since

Recently, the director who directed Xiao Xin, Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu Sun Cong, Zhang Ran urban fashion marriage drama starring the “big marry fashion”, is Liaoning TV prime-time hit. The play won a good reputation after its launch, Qiao Zhenyu, Sun Yan Cong high value such as a public man of God, to become a major highlight of the play. Play, young actor David Sun Cong plays wedding planner, career behind interpretation of seemingly high-end atmosphere on the grade, unknown ups and downs.

TV series “Big marry fashion,” a story about a wedding planner takes place between the summer and burning plastic surgeon Jin Zhihao, ironic love story. Unlike the previous reality theme of “war-law”, “neighborhood dispute” plot settings “Great marry fashion” completely abandoned “trivial” little things, but romantic love story by telling the chase, the interpretation of positive spouse concept, concept of love.

The play, the actor plays David Sun Cong, Yang Zi and his colleagues is not just girlfriends, also the wedding planner in the power play, to contribute in the planning for the new activity, the same idea can be described as a good drama Yang Zi helper. In addition, Sun Cong in the play also has its own emotions, the love between colleagues does not allow companies, with colleagues Jiang small dream secret love more than a year, until the underground affair came to light, they stay with the company in order to allow the other party , scramble to resign, thus also infected with Yang Zi played summer fuel. As the story aired, summer fuel can help David with small dreams remain with the company, whether underground affair David and small dreams are allowed, Liaoning TV “big marry fashion” we will answer it, so stay tuned.

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