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Fashion floats move through the city

Since the 4th Spring Festival parade, floats Liang Ying on a variety of social platforms frequently “faceless.” These bright colors, a huge lineup of floats “portrait” is a member of the public was captured and released, and the most interesting to the public attention and sparked the creation of emotions, undoubtedly appear in all kinds of float Jinan elements.

On the “Today’s headlines” client, of Spring Festival floats on the “Suggest” often to the reader, since they come from different media platforms. Called “Jinan Landscape” self-media platform, “Xiao Bian,” wrote: “spring festival parade, like a main road in Jinan, Jinan, the unique characteristics of the element ribbons flowing, spring, willow, lotus, ancient city, cleverly decorated floats make a spiritual city showcase car in the flower. ”

Media practitioners Zhang Li by means of micro-channel released a video occasional small floats, and marked the following description: “occasional parade, is very eye-catching pink flowers and green willow reminiscent of the city’s business card – lotus surrounded on three sides Liu. ”

Speaking Jinan outstanding creative elements, one of the producers of this float, Rao Haitian ex Zigong cultural transmission company’s project manager, in order to attract the eye, full of geographical characteristics, Jinan essential elements, and to subtly highlight. In the float design, although each theme floats want to show a different, but should use the spring to lead creative, with lotus, willow and other material embellishment.

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