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I can buy luxury perfume instead of luxury bags

Cutting happy to buy a bag! Can not afford the bag how to do! Then buy perfume chant! These days, almost all the big names have launched a perfume line, after all, expensive perfume, but then you have the bag ah! So most of the luxury brands, luxury brands will be more or less light to get involved in what perfume line.

For example, two years ago small small series have reported LV will launch perfume line, small boiled editor, perfume and finally exposed it! Packaging has become a lot of simple, kind of incense salon feeling great texture. In terms of flavor, perfumers say they find inspiration by traveling the world, as advocated by the brand “travel” concept the same.

Once upon a time, back in 70, 80 years ago, LV brand has launched the series of perfume, but because there is no sensation, ultimately did not continue to produce. Except Eau de Voyage in 1980 had re-launched packaging design, but many die-hard fans obviously can not meet the expectations of the brand perfume, she had a short-lived 2009 LouisVuitton LV launch homonym of “ElleVee” perfume, but this perfume is short-lived. I wish the new perfume only way to smooth it!

Also from luxury brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Dior, perfume brand has been mixed with the catch, and this year alone brand fire up a bit difficult, I want to sell or to look really good taste.

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