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Tips on matching clothings with brand bags

Select handbags can be described as a fairly esoteric knowledge, and now women took to the streets, the bag has become a must-have. Without the streets bag, just like the soldiers on the battlefield as no gun.

Now, the “China MCM” reputation of the fashion brand handbags Kawashima “Ma card baby lion” just like to share with you the handbags with skills.

Dress with the most important, bags and dress consistent tone, can have a very elegant effect, contrasting colors seems quite eye-catching. For example, a white dress with black bag is definitely noticeable, difference in tone generated will not help the people concerned.

Season handbags mix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso very important. Summer bag should be light-colored or solid color, it will be more harmony with the environment, we need winter with dark bags, seasonal produce and sense of coordination.

Different occasions, with not the same bag. Daily work and leisure, banquets and other occasions need to choose the appropriate bag, with a very important occasion, not leaving for brand-name can be replaced.

According to the requirements of different occasions, to match different styles, different colors of bag. Mostly black bag in the winter, and if you really like the black, in the summer you can also use black bag, if with a black dress, makes you look more elegant in appearance, can bring out a noble atmosphere.

In meetings and other occasions, the use of black packet is still very common, because black can be the perfect match of your temperament. So choose room fashion handbags summer is still quite large, you can choose a variety of packages, to make a amazing woman.

Age is also an important mix of different ages for different types and styles of bags. Young women, to slightly relaxed, lively style, and middle-aged, you need an elegant style.

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