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Understated luxury bags ANGEL TEAR

ANGEL TEAR is probably the most popular in recent years, the birth of fashion brands, flagship red black and white series, began in France, popular in France, the trend worldwide. The influx of people, Petty, supermodel, star, one by one captured by it, gestures more exciting, something more to say; street shooting, travel, work, travel, live a perfect hold on various occasions, add charm to show personality.

ANGEL TEAR whether design or product are walking in the international cutting-edge fashion, to the public based on the demand for fashion, breaking the traditional sense of violation and bags and user-generated, unexpected sense, allowing users to temperament and characteristics of merging bag , silhouetted against each other, to achieve the most perfect state of fashion, which is probably fashion a unique presence in history.

White section of ANGEL TEAR, but not simple, seemingly a single design but everywhere reveals the charm and bright, colorful gemstone straps, pockets meticulous, complex process, perfect, never forget the bag than this, at a glance countless amazing!

Red paragraph ANGEL TEAR distinct tone, glitz, instinct both one kind and generous beautiful, publicity uninhibited fashion force. The pursuit of individuality, enjoyment chic and elegant women, naturally should not be missed.

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