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Interpretation of luxury fashion

Hundred people have hearts of one hundred Hamlet. Previously, the first domestic jewelry monthly deposit Free luxury try a light platform, the United States and what Ms. Dai magic box on line 20 of the first light luxury jewelry, attracted a lot of attention women love jewelry and unlimited try. However, there are still many women do not find their own “food” in the first jewelry inside. To this end, after only a half months, the United States Ms. Dai magic box it would have on the new, bring dozens more luxurious, more stylish jewelry to meet the beauty of the heart more women.

Luxury is synonymous with the jewelry. In order to give every woman loves jewelry better luxury experience, adhere to the luxury fashion and beauty Miss Dai what magic box, the on-line jewelry in style, luxury atmosphere also getting stronger. It is understood that the batch on-line jewelry gecko have full sets of chain diamond and nail sets of chain 18K gold diamond 18K gold diamond teardrop pendants 60 styles, or elegant and intellectual, or competent independent and elegant or , each with a full light extravagance, to allow more of your favorite jewelry women can select their own favorite luxury.

Growing luxury jewelry new, if only to make jewelry and become a symbol of wealth it? “Not! Distinction monthly purchase jewelry and trying on jewelry is that the former need to pay a very high price, which is just the opposite Each month 59 yuan, you can get a month to wear jewelry right, next month to renew, you can also change the new, you get to wear this jewelry is to bring the luxury experience, with their wealth Availability is not a great relationship. “What the United States Ms. Dai magic box partner Lin Yi such a construction.

In addition, it was questioned from the first jewelry line only 20 days, the United States Ms. Dai magic box how it began to launch the second batch of the new products? In fact, this is the beauty of Miss Dai Hexin What magic box competitiveness one, which by virtue of their years of experience in the jewelry market roots, able to grasp the new trend of jewelry, and can respond quickly, the introduction of new design, good to meet the female novelty, change needs. Try to make monthly pattern jewelry women to wear jewelry became an alternative.

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