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10 tips on how to become fashion

Why fashion bloggers, supermodel tide always, always so nice shape, but also to wear clothing with their own style? Follow fashion you, more or less in their hearts have such a question it. At the same time, also I hope that one day he could be like them, dress stylish and elegant. However, the long road of fashion, you can not step beyond the bounds, we need to constantly try and progress. According to the influx of people here in person demonstration, a summary of 10 fashion tips, hoping to transform the influx of people in your way, give you a little guidance and reference.

Many people will for some special occasions or time, making every effort to be well prepared in advance, what to wear that day, with what all think clearly. In fact, this habit should also advance with clothing culture in everyday life, at least to know their wardrobe in a variety of how to mix a single product. And this will affect your buying habits.

When buying a single product, you have a sense in my mind over again, whether there is your wardrobe with matching dress, or to buy another product to another single match. Like a good start again, avoid the following conditions: to buy a single product, and excitedly wanted to wear clothing street, only to find no suitable clothes, shoes to match.

For example, the French fashion blogger Camille Charri re like summer wear comfortable shoes, a pedal go out, but in well with her, playing a variety of seemingly random but actually fashionable Look.

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