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Fashion Korean clutch by pop stars

Girls combination of popular artistes alone allow children to participate in fashion events, dressed in a classic little black dress is able to lift the little girl’s dress sense, in the past are like carrying carrying large bags allow children this time chose a piece ginger clutch, with the soft texture of the leather material is more advanced texture, which can certainly be regarded as the shape of a big bright spot, look back again and again.

Choi Ji Woo Lee Byung-hun attend the wedding day wearing a capable West clothing, metallic suit very valiant, tough shape so of course, with the clutch in order to perfect enough domineering debut it. This small bag style turned Clutch quite small, but also the shape of Choi Ji-woo even more neat and stylish, and perhaps the most handsome wild San goods.

Nude-colored suits not only the girl’s soft and elegant, neutral wind to better reflect the different kind of cool feeling, the same is to participate in the wedding of Lee Byung Hun Jung the interpretation of a range of children in Europe and America. Clutch large section of the bully in your hand was really feeling little girls, but who said clutch must be neat compact good, this is also very prominent British Gas it, but Xiao Nizi legs and then close some of the more handsome.

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