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Adopt a Standardbred (NZ)

Amodeus Algorythm
"Amadeus" Algorythm
How Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) began :

Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) started through my researching the internet for any available information on standardbreds and seeing if any such programmes already existed.

I owned my first standardbred at the age of 17, when I worked in a training establishment. The horse had been retired because of injury and I approached the owner, to see if I could have him. I had Billy for two years before I sold him on to a new home.

Two months later I changed jobs and was gifted another standardbred (Shakespeare). This was the beginning of a never ending line of horses that for one reason or another were sent to me to be re-located to new homes.

Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) was run on a trial basis for six months to assess demand. Once a client base and structure was set up, it seemed to become a snowball effect.

This programme is loosely based on similar programmes in America and Canada.

Jason Ramsay & Maverick Otto
First Annual Anniversary Display (Feb. 99)
Jason Ramsay and "Maverick" Otto
Our First Annual Anniversary was in January of this year and to date we have accepted 76 horses into our programme. We have approximately a 90% success rate and have a waiting list of 12 horses to be accepted into the programme.

Training Programme :
We currently have 19 horses in work, and in general they are in training for 2 to 3 months before travelling to new homes all over the South Island of New Zealand.

I am employed at Addington Raceway in Christchurch and am therefore in contact with a most of the trainers, owners and drivers in the Canterbury area. I am approached by any of the above people about their horse and I travel to their property to inspect the horse. If the horse is accepted into the programme it is signed over to Adopt A Standardbred (NZ).

The horse then starts a programme consisting of the following:

  • Worming
  • Selenium, Iron and other essential minerals
  • Hard Feed and Hay (as most horses are still in racing condition)
  • Lunging programme of approximately one week (to help with balance and behaviour).
  • Plenty of attention eg brushing, carrots and cuddles.
  • The horse is normally ridden four times a week to begin with, depending on attitude, behaviour, condition and flexibility. This is for six to eight weeks.
The next stage can either go one of two ways
  1. The horse can be spelled and brought back into work in three weeks.
  2. The horse can proceed to the next level.
    Hose down in the heat
    Hose down in the heat - Herbie, Foster, Penny, McLeod
    • Road riding, jumping and perhaps a show preparation are next on the agenda, once again depending apon the horses background and ability.
    • If the horse is accepting it's training and we feel the horse is ready for a new home it is advertised and general is re-homed in a matter of weeks.
How to adopt a horse :

After contacting Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) the potential client is matched with a horse that is suitable eg size, temperament and ability. The client then makes an appointment to visit the horses. We can generally have three to four horses available for clients to choose from.

Once a client decides upon a particular horse the process of adoption starts.

There is a contract to be signed specifying the conditions of the sale and to make sure that the horse in question will be properly looked after. If the horse is sold on in the future we are to be notified so we can monitor the movements and homes of the horses.

There is a standard two week trial for every horse and during that time there is an inspection of the clients property. The trial is used to make sure that the horse, the client and of course we are satisfied that the horses future will be a positive one.

Rachel and Napoleon
Riding lesson for Rachel and Napoleon.
Clients are encouraged to call if there are any problems or queries during and after the trial.

If the client decides to purchase the horse (a standard $400 fee) they are give an adoption certificate, and feed voucher from our major sponsors "Dunstan Extruded Horse Feeds" (Camtech Ltd).

Volunteers :
As well as my full time job at Addington Raceway in the Racing Department, I operate Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) outside those hours. Sometimes I can work up to eighty hours a week between the two. I am very lucky to have an understanding boyfriend who also helps with the horses.

Jason rides the horses for the first time.

I am lucky to have such a dedicated and loyal group of volunteers to help educate the horses. At present we have 12 volunteers who work with the horses at various stages during the week and weekends. The volunteers range in ages from 14 year olds to 55 years old.

Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) can often be seen in a large group on road rides around it's base in Wigram which is on the outskirts of Christchurch.

Projects :
In our first year of operation we have attended and participated in the following:

  • NZ Pet Expo (where the horses gave over four hundreds rides over two days).
  • NZ Horse and Hound Expo (static and information display about the horses).
  • Ridden display at Addington Raceway on Show Day (one of the biggest racing days in the harness racing calendar) in front of a crowd of fifteen thousand.
  • Two ridden displays at Methven Raceway.
  • Jordy Gloriglo
    "Jordy" Gloriglo
  • Three shows around Canterbury one of which we entered five horses and came home with eighteen ribbons including a Champion Hack.
  • The First Annual Anniversary for which an afternoon tea was held for all the sponsors, supporters, trainers, owners and product suppliers where invited. There was a ridden display of the horses paces and jumping ability. It was a great opportunity to thank everyone involved and promote the horses.
  • Horse rides at a local school fair.
In the future Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) intends on promoting the standardbred by attending more shows, school fairs, ridden displays at different racecourses around Canterbury including Addington Raceway Show Day Parade and the NZ Pet Expo.

Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) is hoping to have it own show in January next year to promote the horses and invite people who own other breeds of horses to see what the Standardbred can do.

Another line of promotion is our new internet site. The site is run in conjuction with the Horse Talk website. The address is www.horsetalk.co.nz. We hope to advertise our up coming events and hopefully in the future advertise the horses on the internet. There will also be a list of sponsors in the near future.

Larry & Kerryn Pullen
NZ Standardbred Association Show (Nov. 98)
Larry "No Loitering" & Kerryn Pullen with their
Champion Hack ribbons.
Also with these type of promotions of the horses we are trying to attract potential financial sponsors. As you can probably imagine there is a great deal of expense with horses in general, let alone providing all the requirements needed for such a large group of horses.

Funding for Adopt A Standardbred (NZ) is currently supplied through the sale of horses and myself. We are gifted money and horses equipment from generous members of the public and of course feed from our sponsor "Dunstan Extruded Horse Feeds".

As far as my qualifications for running this programme, I have worked in two racing stables (3 years), completed the New Zealand Harness Racing Cadet Scheme ( 3 years), yearling and broodmare sales preparation and employment at Addington Raceway (4 years). I have been riding horses since I was 12 years old and I am 24 years old now.

The land that we rent of the council for the horses is going to be turned into a Bird Santuary and we have to locate to a new home. I have been ringing everyone in Christchurch or so it seems, to try and find alternative grazing possible with a house and stables. We need 20 to 50 acres.

We haven't found an alternative home yet and we will have to close on the 1st August if we can't find one.

The horses that we still have at that time will not be shot they will remain with us until we find homes for them. It means that we will not be taking on any horses, as we have a waiting list of twelve horse to get accepted into our programme.

I hope that this gives you a good background on Adopt A Standardbred (NZ), but if you do have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact me.

Press releases for your information.

Kelly Taylor

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